Ventilation And Precommission Cleaning in Brimstage

Are you the person responsible for the management and maintenance of a businesses ventilation system otherwise known as ducting, if so then you have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at work act 1974 to regularly clean and maintain the buildings ventilation systems also known as ducting

Brightside Commercial Cleaning are experts in the ventilation and pre-commission cleaning field, with a combined industry experience of over 30 years the management here at Brightside know exactly what business owners and managers want from a ventilation cleaning company and we take great pleasure in providing our clients with a truly outstanding air-conditioning and warm air ventilation cleaning service.

Brightside Commercial can arrange for the regularly scheduled inspection, and deep cleaning of your buildings ventilation ducting on long or short term contracts, or even as a one off clean.

Our ventilation and pre-commission cleaning methods and procedures can and will help your business to fully comply with all current Health and Safety rules and regulations ensuring that your obligations under law have not only been met but also surpassed.

Health and Safety law requires that all ventilation systems are regularly inspected cleaned and maintained ensuring that all contaminants that may affect air quality have been removed, providing clean fresh air from your buildings air conditioning systems and that warm air systems are producing bacteria free warm air.

Why Choose Brightside Ventilation Cleaning Services

  • Large or small ventilation and pre-commission contracts undertaken in Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales.
  • All ventilation ducting cleaning is carried out in accordance with HVCA and TR19 guidelines.
  • Brightside's ventilation cleaning operatives are uniformed, friendly and courteous respecting you your staff and your property.
  • Where required and authorised Brightside can install inspection hatches at regular intervals into your buildings ventilation ducts creating ease of access for future cleans.
  • Full and detailed photographic evidence will be provided upon completion of your ventilation cleaning, proving that when we say it is clean we have the evidence to back it up, time and date stamped photographic evidence also serves as proof that your company has met its obligations under due diligence laws.

The Core Duct Cleaning Services Here at Brightside

Listed below are the ventilation cleaning related services provided by our company;

  • Deep Cleaning of Ventilation Plant Machinery and Associated Ducts.
  • Kitchen Grease Extraction Duct Cleaning.
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Deep Cleaning of Commercial Kitchens
  • Regular Ventilation System Inspection Schedules.
  • Filter Supply Replacement

Why Do I Need To Maintain My Ventilation System?

All Places of business or public buildings are legally required to maintain a certain level of air quality, the build-up of dirt and microbiological organisms in ventilation ducting can be responsible for illness spreading throughout the workplace.

Blocked ventilation ducts will drastically reduce the circulation of air around your building, It may even result in your ventilation system failing altogether this can be very costly when you consider that regular maintenance/cleaning of your ventilation systems Duct-work could well have been that pre-emptive strike your ventilation system needed.

Building Owners And Managers Beware!

If you are responsible for the maintenance of Ventilation systems, it is of paramount importance that you comply with all current Health, Safety and Fire legislature.

In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring and what is termed (criminal negligence) can be proved there will be serious legal implications for both you and your company, people have and will be sent to prison, in the event of someone being seriously injured or killed due to an accident occurring through poor maintenance of ventilation and grease extraction ducting.

So for a free no obligation ventilation and pre-commission cleaning site survey, or to discuss any of the commercial cleaning services provided by our company give us a call Today on 0151 691 4922.

Ventilation And Precommission Cleaning in Brimstage

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Ventilation And Precommission Cleaners In Brimstage
Ventilation And Precommission Cleaners In Brimstage
Ventilation And Precommission Cleaners In Brimstage
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